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Serving the youth of Covina, Glendora, Azusa and San Dimas areas for 50 years with a tradition of creating allstars in Championship ASA Softball & PONY Baseball.

Please fill out the Board Member Application if you would like to become a part of our association and help your local youth.


Park Watch

COYBSA is offering a $500 REWARD for the arrest and conviction of the taggers responsible for the damage done to Charter Oak Park and the surrounding neighborhood.

If you have information or tips, please call 213-974-8000 or 800-834-0064.

Division Schedule

12 & Under

#FieldDayDateTimeVisiting TeamHome Team 
1Field 1Saturday02/24/201810:30AMSandlot (11)Swarm (2)Final
2Field 1Saturday02/24/201812:30PMHit N Run (4)Instigators (10)Final
5Field 1Tuesday03/06/20185:00PMHit N Run (3)Sandlot (9)Final
6Field 1Wednesday03/07/20185:00PMSwarm (5)Instigators (15)Final
7Field 1Saturday03/10/20188:00AMSwarm (4)Sandlot (6)Final
8Field 1Saturday03/10/201810:00AMInstigators (6)Hit N Run (2)Final
13Field 1Tuesday03/20/20185:00PMSandlot (16)Swarm (6)Final
15Field 1Saturday03/24/20188:00AMInstigators (2)Sandlot (3)Final
16Field 1Saturday03/24/201810:00AMSwarm (5)Hit N Run (6)Final
17Field 1Tuesday03/27/20185:00PMSwarm (4)Instigators (16)Final
18Field 1Wednesday03/28/20185:00PMHit N Run (0)Sandlot (15)Final
19Field 1Saturday03/31/20188:00AMInstigators (17)Hit N Run (2)Final
20Field 1Saturday03/31/201810:00AMSwarm (4)Sandlot (9)Final
21Field 1Tuesday04/10/20185:00PMSandlot (8)Instigators (5)Final
22Field 1Wednesday04/11/20185:00PMHit N Run (1)Swarm (13)Final
23Field 1Saturday04/14/20188:00AMInstigators (6)Swarm (3)Final
24Field 1Saturday04/14/201810:00AMSandlot (5)Hit N Run (7)Final
11Field 1Sunday04/15/20188:00AMSandlot (12)Hit N Run (11)Final
12Field 1Sunday04/15/201810:00AMInstigators (14)Swarm (6)Final
25Field 1Tuesday04/17/20185:00PMSandlot (13)Swarm (0)Final
26Field 1Wednesday04/18/20185:00PMHit N Run (1)Instigators (5)Final
27Field 1Saturday04/21/20188:00AMSwarm (3)Hit N Run (5)Final
28Field 1Saturday04/21/201810:00AMInstigators (5)Sandlot (6)Final
3Field 1Saturday04/28/20188:00AMSwarm (16)Hit N Run (1)Final
4Field 1Saturday04/28/201810:00AMInstigators (9)Sandlot (6)Final
14Field 1Monday04/30/20185:00PMHit N Run (4)Instigators (5)Final
9Field 1Wednesday05/02/20185:00PMSandlot (0)Instigators (1)View Recap
10Field 1Saturday05/05/201810:00AMHit N Run (13)Swarm (1)Final